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Zhiying Company was established in 1981. Its main products are woodworking machines. In order tostrengthen the competitiveness of its products, Zhiying Company persists in the idea of continuous improvement to introduce new concept and technology ontinuously and meet the customers’ requirements. The company’s operations team is composed of talents with a rich and diverse experience. It adheres to its values of professional skills, excellent customer service and sustainable operations in order to provide product consulting, after-sales service and technical support. The company’s products are well-recognized for its quality and the prices are reasonable to make it accessible to everyone. Zhiying Company aims to satisfy its customers and uphold the motto that customers’ satisfaction is the standard.

Main products of Zhiying Industry Co., Ltd are:
1. Various woodworking machines (mortiser and chisel, air pressure type hinge machine, slotter and tenon machine, CNC router & CNC drilling machine, CNC 45° milling flute and tenon machine)